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Make your pledge or give a gift by June 7, 2022 to be included as a contributor to the future of 
Park Synagogue. We will be announcing the amount raised at Park's Annual Meeting on June 12, 2022.


Can We Count You In?

Reaching our financial goal is critical, but reaching the spiritual and emotional goal
of one community, all in it together reflects the essence of Park Synagogue.


"No amount is too small - every amount leads us closer to our vision.
We hope you are inspired to contribute in a way
 that is meaningful to you."

- Park President Susan Ratner

The Plan

Looking to the future and honoring the past has been a watchword for our Park Synagogue family. From our roots on East 105th Street to our iconic sanctuary in Cleveland Heights, congregants have treasured our history and our rituals, while constantly evolving to meet the needs of the present and future.

We now find ourselves at the beginning of another exciting time — the reimagining of our congregational home. Just as the generations before us looked ahead to make a home for us, now we look ahead to an expanded home on our Pepper Pike campus, a campus that will meet the needs of our community now and into the future.

Architectural Plans

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"That’s what this campaign is all about. To create a future for our families,
our community, and for the
Jewish role in the world."

- Rabbi Joshua Skoff

Ensuring Our Future Together Campaign Book (read below)

"This is our own moment in time, a time to be visionary for the next generation. This vision
could never be possible without the generosity
from our lead gifts, but it is a vision that can only
be realized if we all, each one of us, contribute something to making it a reality."

- Park President Susan Ratner

Ensuring Our Future Together Campaign Book (read above)

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Square Stage

"I want to ensure the
future of Park because it is important
to me that my children continue to have the same warm, vibrant experiences I grew up with. I’m looking forward to making new memories in a new place
where my children will feel at home, just as I did and still do."

- Kerry Kertesz

Read the full quote in the ​
Ensuring Our Future Campaign Brochure

Ensuring Our Future Together

Ensuring Our Future Together is focused not just on creating a beautiful, integrated campus, but – critically – ensuring the long-term financial strength
and stability of our beloved synagogue. Just as generations before us created a vision for us, we are joining together to create a vision for those to come after us. It is our joint gift to the future.




Todah Rabah to all those listed below who have participated in our Capital Campaign to date. **
To be included, please email or call Nikki Marks, Campaign Manager,
at or (216) 371-2244, ext. 120.


*Of Blessed Memory

**Contributions as of May 11, 2022

Anonymous (6)

Janice & Mitchell Adell
Jodi & Joel Adelman Family
Norman Adler
Rhoda Agin
Barbara & Hymie Akst
Steven & Pamela Altman
The Anter Family
Lee & Chuck Apple
Gail & Fred Arnoff
Marcia & Alan Arons
Dorothy Asherson
Lorene & Bruce Averbook
Ruth Baker & Jordan Wexler
Mitchell Balk
Norma Barron
Rabbi Rosette Barron Haim
 & Marshal Barron
Joan & Ben Barzilai
Susan & Dale Bass
Stacy Bauer
Nora Lindheim & Gary Bauer
Marcy & Bruce Baum
Sandra Baumal
Zina & Jack Becker
Amy & Jim Becker
Fran & Jules Belkin
Allan Bellin
Lynn Berg
Irving Berger
Robin Berke
Andrew & Susan Berman
Marla & David Berns
Dettelbach Bialostosky Family
Suzana Rozenberg  & Fred Binstock
The Blaushild Family
Myrna & Kurt Bloch
Dara & Seth Bloch
Leslie & Kevin Blum
Gail Kamen & Neil Blum
Bookatz-Kumin-Berkowtiz Families
Pamela & Marc Borstein
Barbara & Robert Brenner
Toby Bresky
Jill Bresky
Barbara & Don Brinberg
Arielle Brodkey
Sharon Broniatowski
Jackie & Richard Brooks
Karen & Arthur (z”l) Brown
Brenda & Marshall Brown
Lynn & Roy Buchinsky
Amy & Armond Budish
Ina Burday
Carol & Scott Burg
Katie & Dennis Cahn
Amy & Michael Cantor
Tamar & Aaron Caplan
Jill & Gary Cappy
Linda & Howard Chapman
 and Family
Renee & Kerry Chelm
Charlene & Bruce Chelnick
David Chelnick
Lynn & Barry Chesler
Rebecca Chesler
Rita Torchinsky & Jack Cohan
Stephanie & Kevin Cohen
Gilda E. Cohen
Judy & Scott Cohen
Anita & Howard Cohen
Cathy & Greg Cooper
Deanna & Ron Cowan
Leslie Kaufman & Scott Cowen
Arlene and Sherri Cutler
Joyce & Bruce Cutler
Suzanne & Marc Cutler
Lois & Larry (z”l) Davis
Marti & Jeff Davis
Bonnie & Fred Davis
Helene Diamond
Fran & Mark Doris
Barbara & Richard Dorman
The Drasner Family
Drusinsky Fanaroff Family
Cindy & Michael Duber
Ronni & Daniel Ducoff
Darlene & Bob Duvin
Toby Dybbs
The Ecker Family
Mariana & Alexis Edelman
Lorri & Barry Effron
Sharon Eichenbaum
Gail & Joel (z''l) Eisen
Jodi Rich & Jonathan Eisengart
Sheri & Seth Eisengart
Jerome Ellerin (z''l)
Sandra & Stephen Ellis
Marilyn & Ed Ellis
Marlene & Jon Englander
Sharon & Bruce Epstein
Saralee & Hanina Epstein
Sherry Epstein
Harriet & Al Fader
Carol & Chuck Faiman
Sheila & Allan Farkas
Helena & Tom Farkas
Shelley & David Fishbach
The Fleshler/Tricarichi Family
Tina & David Florman
Jeff Foust
Rina Frankel
Lori & Donald Frankel
Ann Freimuth
Marc Freimuth
Yevgenya & Yefim Fridman
Elizabeth & Marc Fried
Stacy & Bruce Friedman
Ruth, Darci & Judah Friedman Family
Kandi & Allen Friedman
Lynne & Norm Friedman
Deborah Friedman
Madeline Friedman

Linda & Bernard Friedman

Susan Friedman

Kim & Mark Froimson

Phyllis & Avrum Froimson

Abbe & Eric Froimson

Hope(z"l) & Jay Fromson

Sharon & David Galin
Cheryl & Stuart Garson
Valerie & Jay Geller
Kelli & Jeff Gellis
Jane Altshuler & Bruce Gendler
Deborah & Joel Glass
Gary S. Glass
Diana & Mike Glass
Donna & Leslie Glazer
Norma & Jeffrey Glazer
Faye Glazer
Nancy & Ira Goffman & Family
Eileen & Ronald Gold
Debra S. Gold
Adrienne & Phil Goldberg
Brenda & David Goldberg
The Jack and Esther Goldberg
Stacy & Michael Goldberg
Nancy & Gerald Goldberg
Sharon & Alvin Goldberg  
 and Esther Cohen
Kenneth P. Goldberg
Mindi & David Goldberg
Fran & Don Golden
Sharon & Donald L. Goldman
Kathy & Josh Goldner
Arlene & Norman Golovan
 and Family
Beth & Ross Goodman
Susie & Marc Gordon
Darla & Jerry Gordon
Steve Gottlieb
Dena Goulder
Temima Gradman
Susan & Stuart Graines
Estra & James Grant
Kitty & Bluie Greenberg
Jancie & Joel Greenberg
Debby & Art Greenberg
Amy & Ron Greenspan
Liz & Kevin Gregory
Barbara Gross & Terry Pollack
Groys Family
Naomi & Jeremy Grunzweig
Charlotte & Armin Guggenheim
Cheryl & Andy Halpern
Laura & Jeffrey Halpert
Lilli & Seth Harris
Nancy & Shelly Hartman
Edie Hauptman
Lindsay & Ryan Heksch
Jill & Brad Helfman 
Rebecca & J. David Heller
Audrey Heller
Frances Heller
Anita & William Heller
Carly & Michael Henry
Jodie & Jon Herbst
Paula & Dan Herman
Jan Biederman & Jerry Herman
Ann & Michael Herman
Sheila & Gerald Herschman
Teri & Curt Hochberg
Renee & Steve Hochman
Debbie & Rick Hoffman
Etty Hoffman and Gary Hoffman
Toby & Michael Holub
Nancy Weinberger-Honig  
 & Doug Honig
Mayor Martin  & Sandra Horwitz
Helen & Larry Horwitz Family
Cheryl & Alec Isaacson
Morgan, Michael, Sammy
 & Eli Jacobs
Karen & Marc Jaffe
Barbara & Lee Janovitz
Mary & Martin Jatlow
Judy & Andrew Jennings
Toby & James Joseph
Susan & David Kahan
Michelle & Richard Kahn
Barbara & Harold Kaiman
Charlotte Kaminsky
Ami Kann
Bess & Richard Kaplan
Wally & Irving Kaplan
JoAnn Millman
  & Arthur Kaplansky
Rochelle & Richard Kaplow
Ann Simkin & Joshua Kaplow
Susan & Shelly Karp 
Lesley & Marvin Karp
Judy & David Kaufman
Michele Kay
 and Loren Margolis Families
Susan Kellner
Kerry & Daryl Kertesz
Judith Khaner
Jane & Marvin Kinstlinger
Karen Fields & David Klausner
Sandi Klee
Abbie & Jonathan Klein
Michael S. Klein Family
Marjory Klein
Lenore Kleinman
Terrie & Jan Kleinman
Riddianne & Andrew Kline
Terri & Stuart Kline
Hallie & Eric Kogelschatz
S. Lee Kohrman
Betty & Martin Koppelman
Marcia Korenstein
Norma & Harvey Kotler
Barry Kramer
Nancy & Dale Kramer
Roger & Sylvia Kramer
Rose Krantz 
Terri & Kenneth (z''l) Kraus

Marilyn Kravitz
Cheryl & Dan Kretch
Marian Krieger
Enid & Irving Kushner
Elayne & Bob Kwait Family
Fran Lake

Florence & Gerald Lander
Giselle & Steve Lander
Jillian & Jeffrey Langer
Israela Lash
Bret & Penny Lashner
Joan & Hillard Lazarus
Sharon & Jamie Lebovitz
Marlene Legome
Robin Leichtman
Ellen & Earl Leiken
Susan & Richard Leiken 
Maxine & Robert Turoff 
Marlene Leitson  
and Jay Leitson and Family
Marilyn Lenson, Kevin Lenson,   

  Amy Lenson Prass and Family
Barbara & Alan Lepene
Rachael & Marty Lerman
Cathleen Bolek & Gary Levin
Drs. Janine Martyn  
& Frederic Levine
Leslee & Stuart Levine
Michelle & Jerry Levine
Nancy & Bill Levine
Robin & Jim Levine
Amy & Keith Levy
Shelly & Scott Lewis
Miriam Lidsky
Renee Lieberman
Nina & Jeff Light
Ann Light
Karen & Denny Linden  
Bobbie & Chuck Lindenbaum
JoAnn & Norton London 
Iris & Michael Lorber
Ilene & Ronald Lorig
Mikki & Jim Loveman
Audrey & Barry Lowe
Linda & Saul Ludwig
Barbara & Al Luft
Cory D. Luzar
Annette Malkin
Suzi & Martin Mandel
Rita & Bruce Mandel
Lisa & Herrick Mann
Rabbi Sharon
& John Marcus and Family
Bonnie Marks and Carol Paull
Pam & Neal Marks
Toby Marquit
Iden Martyn
Barbara & Donald (z''l) Meckler
Deborah & Edward Meckler
Susi & Peter Meisel
Ben & Beth Mellors
Courtney & Seth Mendelsohn
Marcia & Fred Mervis
and Family
Ellen Miles
Sydell & Arnold Miller
Family Foundation
Samuel H and Maria Miller Foundation
Barb & Abe Miller
David Miller
Jody & Harlan Miller
Jamie Belkin & Jerry Mizer
Harriet & Mel
  and Dana & Scott Morris
Peta Moskowitz
Jill & Jeff Muencz
Vicki Muschkin
Elena & Ron Myers
Betty & Ted Naft
Geraldine Nager
Belleruth Naparstek
Marjorie Neuger
Sharon & Larry Newman
Donell & Scott Newman
Marilyn & Ken Oif
Debby & Zack Paris
Park Synagogue Sisterhood
Stephan H. Parker
Jennifer Pearle & Scott Chernikoff
Susie Perl-Gibaldi
Ellen & Gary Petler
Elda Pincus & Alan Weinstein
Inna & Norman Pivovar
Eva Polien
Rena & Brandon Polien
Deborah Coleman & Dan Polster
Jackie & Jeffrey Ponsky Family
Barbara Goldberg & Julio Popovsky 
Loree & Steve Potash
Tammy & Lou Powers
Geraldine Powers
Sarah Davis & Richard Price
Joanne & Richard Prober
Adriana & Andrew Randall
Susan Rapoport
Charlene & Richard Ratner
Ratner, Miller Families
David & Iree Reich
Carole & Michael Rendon
Linda (z''l) & Larry Rich
Jamie & Jeff Rindsberg 
Michael Ritter
Nadia Kate Ritter
Mikki & Michael Rocker
Kathy & Jay Rockman
Miriam Rose
Lois & Douglas B. Rose
Tammy & Jeff Rose
Cheryl & Louis Roseman
Doris Rosen

Sharon & Bruce Rosenbaum

Roz & Harvery (z''l) Rosenbaum

Enid & David Rosenberg

Illene Rosewater 

Tena Rosner

Jeffrey Ross

Demaris Roth

Arlene & Jordan Rothkopf

Patty Rubin

Joyce & Mel Rubin

Charlotte & Julius Rubin

Minda Rudnick & Michael Zabell 

Karen Rukin 

Mina & Jerry Saidel

Carol & Ronald Savrin

Orna & David Schafer

Lois Scharf

Judy & Don Schermer

Nancy & Regin Schlachet

Frances & Morris Schlechter

Diane & Jared Schnall

Fredell & Doug Schnee

Barb & Jeff Schneider

Eliza & Ryan Schreiber

Eleanor & Harry (z”l) Schwartz
and Family

Charles A. Schwartz

Marla & Eddie Schwartz

Susan & Melvin Schwarzwald

Roberta & Stuart Sears

Marian & Joseph Seder

Judy Seidel

Jessica & Alan Semel

Shafran Family

Joan Greitzer Shall

Judy & Harvey Shankman

Brenda & Loren Shapiro

Rhoda & Shia Shapiro

Michael J. Shapiro

Charna E. Sherman

Elisabeth & Bradley Sherman
and Rachel Farkas

Family of Michael Shore (z’’l)

Cheryl Siegel

Judith Siegel

Adrienne & Harvey Siegel

Judy & Jeffrey Silver

Marcy & Eric Silver

Abigail & Matt Silverman

Marc Alan Silverstein

Judy Silverstein

Drs. Marcy Schwartz  & Daniel Simon

Bart & Sheryl Simon

Alison & Elliott Simon and Family

Rhoda Simon

Deb & Scott Singer

Sherry & Robert Smith

Harvey Snider

Eileen & William Soeder

Brian Sokol

Allison & Marc Solomon

Heidi & Rick Solomon

Doris Sopher

Karen & Richard Spector

Stuart Spiegel (z''l)

Anne & Josh Sportas

Sharon & Marvin Starr

Dr. Sara Stein & Don Robinson

Jane Steinman

Amy Kaplan & Steve Steinreich

Meredith & Adam Stewart

Rachael & Ralph Stewart

Susan Stone

Alice & Bert Stratton

Carol & Richard Streem

June & Joel Strom

The Sudow Family 

Susan Norr Sunkle

Sherry & Mark Tilson

Jeanne & Jordan Tobin

Debbie & Ken Traeger Family

Ronna & Alan Treinish

Sara & Howard Tucker

Ellen & Allan Vendeland

Phyllis & Gerald Wachs

Deborah & Douglas Wachter

Neal & Jula Wainblat

Lori Wald & Jim Bradlin

Laura Wallenstein & Norman Landau

Ieda Warshay

Lisa Luft & David Waxman

Lisa F. & David B. Waxman

Susan & Matthew Wayne

Bev & Sandy Weinberg

Sally Weinberg Isenstadt

Weingold Family

Debbie & Jerry Weinstein

Weinstein and
Weinstein- Confino Family

Sharon Weinstein

Weinstock & Young Families

Rita Weintraub

Becky & Mark Weintraub and Family

Lita J. Weiss

Audrey & Michael Weiss

Cathy & Bob Weiss

Dawn & Brian Weiss

Sydelle Zinn & Joseph White

Eileen & James Wilkoff

Judy & Steven Willensky

Karen & Alan Wine

Jill & David Winger

Joan & Stuart (z‘’l)  Wittenberg

Linda & Clifford Wolf

Milton A. & Roslyn Z. Wolf 
Family Foundation

Carol & Michael Wolf

Iris & Bert (z”l) Wolstein

The Bennett and Donna Yanowitz
Family Foundation

Ellen & Steve Young

Marcy & Ira Young

Elin & Jeff Young

Bonnie & Larry Zeichner

Ellen & Daniel Zelman

Ruth Zilber

Mildred Zucker

Mary Frances Haerr & Kal Zucker

Halle Dimsdale-Zucker
and Cory Zucker

Questions? Do you want to make a donation?

Please contact Nikki Marks , Campaign Manager,
at or (216) 371-2244 x120