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The Plan

Looking to the future and honoring the past has been
a watchword for our Park Synagogue family. From our
roots on East 105th Street to our iconic sanctuary in
Cleveland Heights, congregants have treasured our
history and our rituals, while constantly evolving to
meet the needs of the present and future.

We now find ourselves at the beginning of another exciting time — the reimagining of our congregational home. Just as the generations before us looked ahead to make a home for us, now we look ahead to an expanded home on our Pepper Pike campus, a campus that will meet the needs of our community now and into the future.

Virtual Tour with President Susan Ratner

Architectural Plans

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"That’s what this campaign is all about. To create a future for our families,
our community, and for the
Jewish role in the world."

- Rabbi Joshua Skoff

Ensuring Our Future Together Campaign Book (read below)

"This is our own moment in time, a time to be visionary for the next generation, and you have had so many creative and inspiring ideas for how to enrich a new vision for the future. This vision could never be possible without the generosity from our lead gifts, but it is a vision that can only be realized if we all, each one of us, contribute something to making it a reality. This is our once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create a new home and an endowment to support all the spiritual, emotional and intellectual activities that make a house of worship a home."

- Park President Susan Ratner

Ensuring Our Future Together Campaign Book (read above)

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Square Stage

"I want to ensure the
future of Park because it is important
to me that my children continue to have the same warm, vibrant experiences I grew up with. I’m looking forward to making new memories in a new place
where my children will feel at home, just as I did and still do."

- Kerry Kertesz

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Ensuring Our Future Campaign Brochure

Ensuring Our Future Together

Ensuring Our Future Together is focused not just on creating a beautiful, integrated campus, but – critically – ensuring the long-term financial strength
and stability of our beloved synagogue. Just as generations before us created a vision for us, we are joining together to create a vision for those to come after us. It is our joint gift to the future.

Why do we need you to think about a stretch gift?

This is a once-in-a-lifetime growth opportunity, to create a home and endowment to support all the spiritual, emotional, and intellectual activities that make a house of worship a home. This gift is a different kind of support than you give annually. This is our opportunity to join together to create something new that honors our past and inspires our future, and we need everyone joined together, giving their utmost, to make this happen.



Campaign Kick-Off

Questions? Do you want to make a donation?

Please contact Nikki Marks , Campaign Manager,
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