Have a seat at our
Virtual Passover Table

Park's Passover Seder

with Rabbi Skoff
(and his special virtual guests).

April 8th & 9th - 6:30 pm

Park's First Seder*
Park's Second Seder*

*These links are no longer available. please check your email or weekly wrap for Park's Passover Seder Zoom Link.

Our Seder goes LIVE this year!!!

Stay safe and stay home for your Passover Seder.
FACETIME, SKYPE OR ZOOM to connect with
family members or friends on Seder night.

Join others and use ZOOM to be part of the
Park Synagogue Seder.

Be part of the evening’s rituals, songs and stories. 
Even ask a question!  We will do the Seder together as a community!

Set up your computer on your Seder table,
as we celebrate the Seder together in REAL-TIME.
Don’t ENSLAVE yourselves - - LIBERATE yourself with
Park's Passover Seder!!! Details to follow soon... 

We will share everything with you - - except the FOOD.

Anyone who is in need of a community at this time, or feels alone or unconnected, there is a place for you at Park.
If you are interested in any of our virtual programs, services, or are just looking for a way to connect, please contact
Allison Solomon at asolomon@parksyn.org or 216-371-2244, ext. 121.