Realign & Repurpose

On May 4, 2021, we are asking our Pepper Pike community to support the repurposing of land that was donated to us in the late 1960s. Our current building sits on land that is designated as U-2, which lets religious institutions, like ourselves, utilize the property. 

However, as you can see from the map to the left, the same donated and Park Synagogue-owned land to the north and south of our building was originally designated as U-1. This particular designation would only allow us to use these sections of our property for single-family housing. 

Ultimately, this limits the positive impact we can make for our shared community — the residents of Pepper Pike and our congregation. So, what is our proposed solution?

A Simple Realignment

Since the land was donated nearly 60 years ago, the needs of our temple and Pepper Pike’s residents have changed and evolved. Throughout time, we’ve seen how the needs of our shared community can be better cared for through a simple realignment of our property. 


A Shared Community

Passing the property realignment in May would allow us to repurpose our property for the benefit of our congregation and Pepper Pike residents. Below are the initiatives we aim to achieve.

Community Investment

The area on the southern end of our property, north of South Woodland Road, are thriving, natural wetlands. By changing our property designation, we will create a public walking trail through these wetlands for all to enjoy. Ultimately, the trail will allow walker to make their way through nature from Brainard Road northeast to the circle at Old Brainard Road.


Renewed Impact

Currently, Park Synagogue brings together over
1,800 families across Northeast Ohio. With the realignment of our property, we hope to grow our impact by welcoming even more of our community members. To achieve this, we will expand our temple by constructing a 10,000-square-foot community hall, which would be used to accommodate social events and gatherings

Greater Access

To accommodate the expansion and renovation as well as the community members who need access to our temple, we will create two new entrances. As you can see in the rendering, two driveways will be added, along with additional space for parking. One will 
be located on Shaker Boulevard in between two entrances that are already being utilized. The other will be located on Brainard Road to support a new parking lot as our community grows. 



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