Roll of Remembrance

It is the custom of our congregation to inscribe the names of departed loved ones in the Roll of Remembrance, a booklet that is distributed at our Yom Kippur services. If you would like to memorialize a departed family member or friend this year, please click the link below to complete the online form.


Other more permanent options to remember loved ones, include inscribing their name on a Memorial Plaque (in the main Sanctuary or Miller Chapel at Park Synagogue Main) or in the Memorial Book (in the foyer at Park Synagogue Main). To discuss these options, please contact Mary Lauriel at the synagogue office at (216) 371-2244, ext.135.


In order to ensure that your name(s) are listed on the Roll of Remembrance, please complete the information by Monday, July 26, 2021.

or fill out the form below.