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Important message from

Rabbi Skoff & Stuart Deicher

Dear Friends,

“The preservation of health is a mitzvah which overrides all other mitzvot.”

Thus speaks the Jewish faith. Our tradition lists many examples of overriding sabbath laws and other practices in order to preserve life and health.  Saving one life is as if we are saving an entire world, says our very wise religion. Truth is, we are in the midst of a health dilemma and, without further individual testing, we do not know who is carrying the virus, since some cases carry moderate symptoms. Acting wisely and cautiously today will preserve health and even save lives, and on that basis, we have elected to cancel our in-person weekly religious gatherings, Shabbat and weekday, and go to an online set-up for Services. 

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Our vision at Park Synagogue is for everyone to feel included. We are blessed by the diversity of our congregants - religious and secular, conservative and liberal, male, female, and transgender, gay and straight, young and old. At Park, everybody feels empowered. Everybody belongs.



Looking for a Kidney Donor

Our member, Ed Lerman, is urgently in need of a kidney transplant.  Please help spread the word to family and friends who might be able to donate a kidney to Ed.  He is working with Renewal to help network and spread the word around the country.  If you want more information or to contact Ed, please contact Ellen Petler at (216) 371-2244 ext. 122 or, who will pass the message on to the Lermans. Thank you for any help you can give. 


We are committed to providing a safe and secure environment for all.  Our doors at Park East are kept locked during the times of Morning and Evening Minyan (as well as throughout the day). We are providing all Minyan attendees with their own unique 4-digit number code to gain entry for these services.  This code is yours only and shouldn’t be shared. Please contact Stuart Deicher, Executive Director, at 216-371-2244, Ext. 136, or email him at, to receive your code.  Of course, you can always ring our call button at the door for entry.   All are welcome and we hope to see you at Minyan.


One Synagogue - two locations

Park Synagogue East

27500 Shaker Boulevard

Pepper Pike, OH 44124


Park Synagogue Main

3300 Mayfield Road

Cleveland Heights, OH 44118



The Park Synagogue is a place where every congregant can feel comfortable along his/her own personal life journey. We offer intellectual vigor coupled with the warmth of family. Connecting to others will enhance your connection to Judaism. Whether it is through song or study, through public celebration or private reflection, there is something for everyone at Park. We take seriously the notion that a congregation should bring together people of all ages for a shared experience. We look forward to seeing you here!


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Park Synagogue EAST
27500 Shaker Boulevard

Pepper Pike, OH 44124

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Park Synagogue MAIN
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Park Synagogue is affiliated with the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism.