While the weather gets colder, and your blanket on the couch starts to get more use...relax at home and
tune in for our Park Family Connection Parenting Series. Pick the content that applies to you and your family.
Register for every session, or even just one! Each session will begin on Zoom at 8 pm. 

These sessions are FREE and open to the community, and geared towards
parents with kids of all ages. Feel free to share the details with your friends!

NEW! December 1 - "The New Park Synagogue" with Susan Ratner


Join Park President Susan Ratner for a tour of the new and improved Park Synagogue campus for Park Family Connection families. See plans for our new Chapel, our expanded Sanctuary, our new Community Hall, along with many other flexible indoor/outdoor spaces. Bring your questions about the building or Park in general during the Q & A afterwards. 

New! December 6- “Hot Topic ” with Joan Morganstern
(geared toward parents of elementary school aged children)


Join Joan Morgenstern as she tackles tough topics! We all want the best for our kids, but how can we ensure we are raising resilient kids??? Resiliency is a skill our kids will need during every phase of their lives.  Let's dive into this together. We will also talk about how to handle the lingering issues related to the pandemic.

Joan will also take questions after these topics are covered. So please send your questions to parkfamilyconnection@parksyn.org in advance, and Joan will come prepared to discuss!

New! January 12 - “Healthy Growing ” with Stacie Hutner, RD, LD


Learn tips on how to help your child develop a healthy relationship with food, activity, and their bodies with Stacie Hutner, a registered and licensed dietician and Park member! 

Stay tuned for more dates and topics to be added to the Park Family Connection Parenting Series! We are always interested in hearing your ideas, so if you have an idea for another topic, please email parkfamilyconnection@parksyn.org

Check out the recording from the Park Family Connection's Parenting Session with (Park member and beloved teacher) Debbie Friedman who shared tips and techniques about Mindful Parenting. Learn more tools to love, learn, grow and create CALM. 


Join women of all ages from Park Synagogue for

Women's Spirituality
Open Discussion
with Anne Sportas

An open discussion for women of all ages about women's spirituality with Anne Sportas. There are no prior skills needed to participate in the discussion. 
Contact asportas@parksyn.org to get the Zoom Link.

Wednesday, December 1

11:00 am • Zoom


Park Women are invited to discuss our book this month

Women's Rosh Chodesh Book Group

The Long Petal of the Sea

by Isabelle Allende

This epic novel spanning decades and crossing continents follows two young people as they flee the aftermath of the Spanish Civil War in search of a place to call home.

Please RSVP to Ellen Petler at epetler@parksyn.org or (216) 371-2244 ext. 122.

Wednesday, December 1

7:30 pm • Zoom


Sunday, December 5

1:00 pm • Zoom

Join the Gesher Group for a Virtual Tour of

Let There be Laughter —
Jewish Humor Around The World

From ANU-Museum of the Jewish People in Tel Aviv

We all need a good laugh these days! Start exercising your facial muscles for some serious laughing when we take a virtual tour of an exhibit exploring Jewish humor. What makes many Jews so funny? And how did "The People of the Book" turn out to be superstar writers, producers and comedians? This exhibit takes a lighthearted look at the origins of Jewish humor and the major contributions of Jews to the rise of a global industry. The exhibit celebrates the diversity and vitality of Jewish humor and explores how elements of Jewish joking have remained constant regardless of time, place and language. Along the way, we'll have some fun!

Free & Open to the Community!

Pre-registration by December 3 is required to receive the Zoom link. Please register on the left or by contacting Ellen Petler at epetler@parksyn.org 
or (216) 371-2244, ext. 122.

Sponsored by Park's Gesher Group.


Wednesday, December 8

7:00 pm • Zoom

Refugee Resettlement 101: Welcoming Newcomers to Cleveland

US Together, an Ohio refugee resettlement organization, helps newcomers in the US and Cleveland become acclimated and part of our community. Join Ron Hedrick, Cleveland Director, and Liv Randall, Development Specialist, to learn more about what is happening with refugee resettlement in Cleveland. Find out more about US Together, an affiliate of HIAS (Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society), and how and from where refugees come to Cleveland. Hear about the resettlement process and how to get involved in this important endeavor. Bring your questions to get answered by our two knowledgeable speakers.

Free & Open to the Community!

Pre-register by December 7 to receive the Zoom link. Register on the left or by contacting Ellen Petler at epetler@parksyn.orgor (216) 371-2244, ext. 122.

Sponsored by Park's Social Action Committee.

Girl in Warm Clothes

Donate by December 10th

Operation Warm-Up

Each year the Jewish community conducts Operation Warm Up, a collection of winter clothing items for those in need in the general community, that is coordinated by the National Council of Jewish Women Cleveland. This year, we ask Park members to donate:

NEW warm mittens and gloves (especially waterproof) for men, women, and children.

Please bring your donations to Park Synagogue East and leave them in the watherproof plastic bin outside the doors nearest to Brainard by December 10. If you would prefer to make a monetary donation, you can donate Online on the left or send a check (payable to Park Synagogue and earmarked for Operation Warm Up) to Operation Warm Up, Park Synagogue, 27500 Shaker Blvd., Pepper Pike, OH 44124.

Direct any questions to Ellen Petler at epetler@parksyn.org or (216) 371-2244, ext. 122.


Newborn Chanukah Shabbat

Sponsored by the Barry P. Garson Memorial Fund

Join Rabbi Skoff on Saturday Morning as we honor Park babies born in 2021 and 2020. Join us in-person and witness this wonderful ceremony. This service is open to the entire congregation, with a limit of 65, and the service will also be accessible on Zoom. All "newborn" families will be recognized and will join us towards the end of the service. It will be a fun, festive, and great way to celebrate with these special families! Parents, Grandparents, and Siblings are welcome! To sign up for in-person services for this day please visit the registration page on the left. 


Direct any questions to Eva Simpson at eva@parksyn.org.

Saturday, December 11
Park East

Winter Snow

Save the Date!

Shaker Lakes Sunset Hike

Pre-Bar/Bat Mitzvah - Bar/Bat Mitzvah - Grades 5, 6 & 7

Saturday Afternoon, December 11• Around Dusk

Join your classmates with a Naturalist, Havdalah and S'mores around a Campire.

December 11

Around Dusk


All Youth Group Family Winter Event!

Come celebrate the end of our Festival of Lights with an evening at the Cleveland Metropark's Zoo's Wild Winter Lights festival. This all-Youth Group event features over a hundred lighted displays, unlimited carousel rides, and lots of photo opportunities! The entire family is welcome!

Sign up by December 2nd to get the discounted group rate! 

Question? Contact Becky or Sammy at youthgroups@parksyn.org

Sunday, December 12

5:30-8:30 pm

$15 per person. Children under 2 are free.


Wednesday, December 15

1:00 pm • Zoom

Mark your Calendars for

Options for Resolving the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Join us for a lively discussion about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict led by Prof. Meron Medzini, direct from Jerusalem. He will address the nature of the conflict-it's historic, national, religious, psychological, and economic ramifications. The discussion will also touch on many key issues that must be addressed in any proposed solution: borders, Jerusalem, Arab refugees, settlements, security arrangements, water issues and more. Prof. Medzini is a retired Hebrew University professor and former Communications Director for many of Israel's prime ministers and spoke to us last year about David Ben Gurion and Golda Meir. Don't miss hearing Prof. Medzini's thoughts on this difficult conflict.

Pre-register by December 14 to receive the Zoom link. Register on the left or by contacting Ellen Petler at epetler@parksyn.orgor (216) 371-2244, ext. 122.

Sponsored by Park's Senior Adult Group.

Featuring Professor Meron Medzini

Snowy Night

Saturday, December 25

9:30 am • In-Person & Zoom

Shabbat Services

December 25th Shabbat Services

Services Begin at 9:30 am 

Topic after 10:45 am

Rabbi Skoff will speak: 

"Why Did We Jews Create
The Idea of the Messiah
& Then Push It Away?"

65 spots open for in-person services

The Kiddush will be a Chinese takeout


Special "Christmas" Study Session with Rabbi Skoff

"How Did Twelve Jewish Apostles
Talk to Jews about the Jewish
Messiah and End up with Jesus?"

Saturday, December 25

3:00 pm •  Zoom

Coming Soon...



Wednesday, January 5

1:00 pm • Zoom

Afterlives: Recovering the Lost Stories of Looted Art

As we know, untold numbers of works of art, books, and Judaic ceremonial objects were stolen by Nazi forces during World War II. After the war, an estimated one million artworks and 2.5 million books were recovered, while many more were destroyed or never found again. This exhibition at the Jewish Museum in Manhattan chronicles the layered stories of the objects that survived, exploring the circumstances of their theft, their post-war rescue, and their afterlives in museums and private collections. Included in the exhibit are works by Bonnard, Cezanne, Chagall, Matisse, Picasso, Pissarro and many more noted artists. Treasured pieces of Judaica are also on view, as well as rarely seen archival photos and documents that connect the objects to history.

Free & Open to Park members and the community.

Pre-register by January 4 to receive the Zoom link. Register on the left or by contacting Ellen Petler at epetler@parksyn.orgor (216) 371-2244, ext. 122.

Sponsored by Park's Senior Adult Group.

Lend a hand to help an in-person project for


Sunday, January 23 • 1:00 pm

Beech Brook, 3737 Lander Road

Fostering Hope

Lend a hand as Park Synagogue volunteers fill Birthday Boxes and Journey Bags that fostering Hope, an organization that enriches the lives of children living in foster care by giving them unique experiences of hope and healing. Every child deserves to feel joy and to celebrate his/her own birthday in a special way. We will fill Birthday Boxes with all the essentials for having a wonderful birthday. Since children in foster care often use trash bags to move their belongings from placement to placement, Park volunteers will fill Journey Bags with comforting items and necessary essentials in a suitable bag. 

IMPORTANT: All volunteers will be required to wear masks and to social distance during the project. All volunteers must be vaccinated or show proof of a recent negative COVID test.


Open to Park members only.

Limited volunteer spaces are available, so register early!
Park members 5 & up are welcome to volunteer!

Pre-register by January 21 to receive the Zoom link. Register on the left or by contacting
Ellen Petler at epetler@parksyn.org
or (216) 371-2244, ext. 122.

Sponsored by Park's Women's Rosh Chodesh Group


Thursday, January 27 

7:30 pm • Zoom

Stories of Survival
Objects • Image • Memory

Stories of Survival: Object • Image • Memory • is a landmark exhibit that showcases over 60 personal items brought to America by Survivors of the Holocaust and genocides around the world, including Armenia, Bosnia, Cambodia, Rwanda, Sudan, and more. The objects are a reflection of their owners' journeys and family histories. While the artifacts came from different origins, there is the common thread that binds them all together ---- the common thread of moving to a new land, building a new life, yet holding on to the past. WE are all connected to these stories and have them in our own families. They are the commonality of an immigrant experience, an American experience. 


Free & Open to Park members and the community

Pre-register by January 26 to receive the Zoom link. Register on the left or by contacting
Ellen Petler at epetler@parksyn.org
or (216) 371-2244, ext. 122.

Sponsored by Park's Gesher Group