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Our Vision

Park Synagogue strives to include everybody. We are blessed by the diversity of our congregants - religious and secular, conservative and liberal, male, female and transgender, gay and straight, young and old. At Park, everybody feels empowered. 

Everybody belongs.

Discover Our Synagogue.

Whether you are new to the area or are a life-long Clevelander, I welcome you to Park Synagogue. Within our walls you will find families who have been here for five generations, as well as those who have joined last month. This community will challenge and excite you. 

The best way to learn about Park Synagogue is by coming through our doors. I look forward to meeting you and personally welcoming you to our community.

- Joshua Skoff, Senior Rabbi

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Park is the perfect place to find a group with interests just like yours. Whether you want to introduce your kids to others their age, deepen your knowledge of Judaics, or get invovled in social justice, you can find it all at Park! 

Park is proud of the amazing congregation that has helped build this community and we would like everyone to be able to experience this sense of belonging. 

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